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A Ceremony at Gaolan Port Economic Zone Cooperate with Zhuhai Liri Tent

Время опубликования:2015-12-15
   On April 24th,2012,Liri Tent cooperated with Gaolan Port Economic Zone to create a ceremony for Sanyl Ocean Heavy Industrial Park. Many governors from Central China Provinces as well as Guangdong attended this big event. 

Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology provided a 30m x 30m Big Tent with an eave height of 5m and a peak height of 9.8m as the ceremony hall for this groundbreaking ceremony. It was a custom height tent for the ceremony compared to the usual eave height of 4m. 

The ceremony tent,a set of New Party Tent 10x15m with glass walls,glass door was used for the VIP room. It was also a custom eave height tent of 3.8m compared to the usual eave height of 2.6m to create an ideal environment for this high-class event. The facilities provided a cozy space for all the governors who attended the event. 
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