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Alashan Desert Challenge Match ---Top Brand Tent Supplier Liri Tent

Время опубликования:2015-12-17
    On August 1st,the 1st China Alashan Desert Challenge Match and Alxa Star Environmental Protection Charity Activity (A-rally),the racing drivers will go forward into the sixth stage of the tournament.
The start of the competition lies in Wendu Gawler,while the destination is located in Tamu Su. Of the A-rally,the special racing section is 272.54 kilometers long,which is not only the last section of the competition,but also the longest section.  Besides,the terrain is mainly covered by valley and Gobi desert,which makes a broad vision available.

    By contacting our colleges on the spot,“Today’s competition is rather intensive. After the competition,the racing drivers will go back to the Alashan Zuoqi Swan Camp and prepare for the finishing ceremony at Bayan Haote stadium square on August 2nd. Our tents have already been set up,all of the racing drivers and the staffs can check in at any time they want.”
Liri Tent offers high quality outdoor aluminum structure big tent hall with gorgeous spot lamps,VIP cassette flooring,tempered glass walls,ABS solid walls,which can withstand 100km/h wind load. These beautiful big tents won good reputation from Alashan Desert Challenge Match Authority and all the guests. 
Liri Tents succeeds in setting up a top brand image: high-end,liberal,and high grade.

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