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Liri Tent: The Trip to Yangjing, Learning the Spirit of Innovation

Время опубликования:2015-12-17
   On 21st December 2014,in order to improve the level of technology and innovative thinking,Liri Tent organized some outstanding people to visit Yanjiang city and Yanjing Shibazi Group to learn their successful experience.  

1. Learning the craftsmanship of The South China Sea No.1

Through the comment of guide,we know the history and the value of the South China Sea No.1. The South China Sea No.1 was one ship which was struck on the way to transport chinaware to the world in early Southern Song Dynasty. The struck place was in South China Sea (Yangjiang city,Guangdong Province). 

The ship was staying in the sea for more than thousands years,but when we found it,the structure is in good condition. The ship is the earliest,largest and most good conditioner struck ship in the world.  The ship will be the physical information to recover the Marine Silk Road and to study the history of chinaware. 

Liri Tents are made of hard pressed aluminum alloy and waterproof and flame retardant PVC fabric,the high quality tents can be used at least 20years. According this study,we realize the importance of the material and technology for products. We will try our best to improve ourselves,so as to produce more high quality tents. 

2. Learning the technology innovation sprit of Yangjiang Shibazi Group Co.Ltd
After visiting the museum of South China Sea No.1,we went to visit the Yangjing Shibazi Grounp. 
The research and development into building a top brand has been at the forefront of all Shibazis endeavors and they strive to produce quality kitchen knives that meet the market demands of today. This dedication to quality has made Shibazi a household name in China and they are now exporting to over thirty countries worldwide - including Japan,America,Canada,Korea,South East Asia,Macao,Taiwan and South Africa. Through constant research and development Shibazi knives have followed a process of evolution that has ensured an ever improving quality comparable to the highest world standards.

Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co.,Ltd also experienced several technology revolutions,from folding tents to big clear span tents and then to double decker tents and polygon tents. Now we are the top brand tent manufacture in China. We will keep learning to keep up to the date and even being ahead of the times. 

Even we just have one day trip,but all of us learn a lot from this. We will keep learning the spirit of innovation and produce more high quality tents. 

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