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Dedication after the 2008 Earthquake

Время опубликования:2015-12-15
   On May 12th of 2008,the Province of Sichuan in the city of Wenchuan was devastated by a 7.8 earthquake. When the Liri Tent staff learned about this unfortunate event,they dedicated some of their income to help the disaster area so that the people would be able to recover their production and rebuild their hometown. Liri Tent made tents for the disaster area which included: 4 sets of high-class aluminum PVC tents. To make sure that the tents would be delivered to the area on time,Liri workers were sent to the area.

The tents we dedicated were used as 36 class rooms and each class room held 48 students. The size was designed according to NO. 3 Middle School of Doumen. The wind loading for the tent was 80 km/h and would not break in an earthquake aftershock. The school tent was also fixed with fans,mesh windows,tables,and lights. In order to help set up the tents,Liri Tent arranged for 3 engineers to go help build the tents in the area. 

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