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LIRI Flattop Tent With Air Film Redefines Mobile Exhibition

Время опубликования:2016-05-13
   The 14th International Automotive Exhibition in Beijing which lasted 10 days finally ended successfully. The topic for this year is innovation and transformation. Therefore, lots of enterprises shower innovative acts. These new technologies impressed spectators attendant. Exhibitors of companies, countries, brands and motorcycle types in this time are the most massive in theworld so far. Jostling crowd you can see in the exhibition. Visitor count could be 200 thousands everyday! Really a busy exhibition.

Luxury cars should be showed in a luxurious exhibition just like good house need a good saddle.

The most popular booth in this show should be luxury brand — Infiniti. As the fastest sales growth of luxury brand in China of recent two years. Infiniti not just brought aesthetics of design with strength and romantic world debut concept car — QX Sport Inspiration,but also used  independent research LIRI flattop tent with air film for outdoor exhibition.

Unique design patent

The flatop tent with air film roof mathes transverse glass walls system with exclusive design patent which was apropos style for 4S. The exhibition tent has functions of thermal insulation, sound proof and warm preservation.

Comprehensive AD ID

Especially to deserve to be mentioned, after improvement, the part of sidewalls on the roof cover add ad station for banner to offer better platform of billboard.  Making it feels more modern stylish and western style without losing luxury high-end international norm.

Avdantages of  flattop tent with air film roof:

Fashionable appearance but sample
High utilization inside
Heat insulation and preservation with aerating roof
Transverse glass walls system 
Banner ad poster
Perfect mach interior trim

Rely on years of experiences, good quality and favourable reputation. LIRI Tent became suppliers of multinomial exhibition of Luxury car brands. Benz, BMW, Honda, Audi, Toyota etc, you always can found LIRI to be with them.


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