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Welfare for “Women’s Day” in Liri Tent: Watching Movie and Enjoying Dinner

Время опубликования:2015-12-17
   Welfare for “International Working Women’s Day” in Liri Tent: Watching Movie and Enjoying Dinner March is the season in which the warm breeze awoke all the living things. March 8th,women have ushered their own special festival—“International Working Women’s Day”. All female staff have enjoyed a happy and meaningful festival with movie and dinner under the elaborate arrangement of Zhuhai Liri Tent Co. Ltd..

From Vegas to Macau 2,the second movie in a series as funny and exciting as the first one which all female staff chose to watch in the festival of their own. After the movie,all female staff enjoyed a big dinner together with laugh.

The board of LIRI TENT sent their best greetings to all female staff for their support to family and company with their hard work and devotion in the last year. Hopefully,all staff can do the same greatest efforts as before to work for the company and show themselves. We believe a brighter future is on the road.

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