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Liri Exhibition Tent: The Pioneer of Exhibition Tents

Время опубликования:2015-12-16
   Zhuahi Liri Tent Technology Co.,Ltd. is the precursor for exhibition tents in China. Since the establishment of the company in 1997,we have designed,developed,and produced the modular structure tents. In 1998,Liri Tent successes in designing PT6-12M with 82x48x3mm main aluminum profile. In November of that same year,the series was largely used in the 2nd China International Air show. 

Sixteen years have passed by since the establishment of the company,and the people from Liri Tent have devoted themselves to self-innovation and brand building. This is why we can be a reliable partner for many international and well-known exhibition companies. Additionally,Liri Tent has become the most influential brand in the tent industry. 

Zhuahi Liri Tent Technology Co.,Ltd. has been providing exhibition tent renting services for the Canton Fair for 13 years since 2003. Along with the thriving development of the national exhibition economy,the demand of the show room and exhibition tents are also continuously rising. As the major exhibition tent supplier in China,a large quantity of tents were provided to the Dongguan International Famous Furniture Fair,Guangzhou Furniture Fair,Shenzhen Furniture Fair,Henan Zhenzhou Auto Supplies Exposition,Hunan Changsha Automobile Exposition,Ningxia RV life Culture Festival,Beijing Auto Parts Exposition,etc. Liri Tent is the unique enterprise who owns senior grade national certificate for tent construction. 

All in all,we will endeavor to offer you the top-grade tents with the highest quality,the most economical pricing and the best service. Currently,the clear span lengths are available in 25m,30m,40m,and 50m and 250,000 sqm stock are available for renting. Furthermore,tent construction,tent dismantling,flooring system,AC system,lighting system,ventilation system,ABS hard walls system,decoration lining and curtain,etc are available and assertive services can be provided as well. 

Learn More About Event tent at http://en.liri-tents.com/

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