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Tent manufacture: Inflatable- Roof Warehouse Tent

Время опубликования:2015-12-16
    Liri Tent is happy to introduce to you the most advanced technology in the tent industry,the Inflatable-Roof Warehouse Tent. The tent roof cover uses two layers of coated PVC polyester textile. Controlled by the auto air pump,the air pressure of the roof can sustain at a suitable level. The air can be heated when blown into the roof. It will improve the heat isolation of the tent and at the same time will melt the accumulated snow by the heat. These functions are very good for snow load capacity on the tent. 

The tent can be equipped with a main door,ABS hard wall system,sandwich panel hard wall system,and rolling door. This type of tent structure is suitable for temporary,semi-permanent storage or workshop. The sizes available for the inflatable roof are from 3m to 20m. As the leading aluminum tent manufacture in China,Liri Tent is a reliable supplier for clients all over the world.

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