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Key Success Factors in the Tent Rental Industry

Время опубликования:2015-12-16
   Tent rental is a profitable industry as it allows for a formal or public event to be set up in an ideal location with cover from weather as well as with controlled entrances and exits. There are specific factors that play into the success of these tent rentals,ranging from the crew involved who sets up the tent,the planning of the special event and how durable these tents are when they are rented.
Set-Up Crew
All tent rentals should come with a crew who knows how to set up any sized tent your company rents,ranging from small pop-up tents for a tiny private event to circus tents that are meant to contain hundreds,if not thousands,of people. This crew should be included in the cost of the rental so that the customer is assured that the tent will be properly and safely set up. Also,your rental house is less likely to damage the tent during the set up. This will add to the overall cost but will be worth it in the long run,as it will save the company money--from having to buy new tents--and will be a certain insurance policy for the event planners against the structure falling apart.
Regular Maintenance
The outside of the tent should be inspected regularly for holes or tears that may have occurred the last time the tent was set up and should be cleaned of bird droppings or any other dirt that got onto the outside of it. The initial appearance of the tent can affect the mood of the people attending the event,in turn affecting the rental customers. A hole in the tent is not only unsafe for the structural integrity of the tent,but it can allow water or birds inside the tent,affecting the event. Tents should be cleaned if they appear the least bit dirty,and holes should be patched as soon as they occur.
Onsite Personnel
Part of the tent rental package should include onsite personnel to make sure the tent doesnt become overcrowded or,in the event of a storm,the tent and the people inside of it will be safe. This will add to the overall fee of renting the tent,but it lessens the chance that something dangerous could occur,possibly causing injuries or deaths and subsequently lawsuits for the company. While some tent rental companies may not require this and then may be able to rent the tents for cheaper,they run the risk of something bad happening and a lawsuit coming out of it,which could sink their rental business.
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