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Wedding tent rental How to choose

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Let LIRI tents to create a warm,charming space for your wedding! Courtyard grass,beach or other outdoor venues,we can meet your needs of wedding tents,day or night,in any season. We pursue every detail so you have a picturesque day we will provide you with a tent ambient lighting,ceilings,curtains,decoration,wood flooring,air-conditioning systems. At the same time,we can meet the professional wedding company,let us work together to decorate a perfect entertainment space,we can also provide a sound stage lighting,wedding supplies,tableware,presided over a table,desk,chair,etc..
The common questions and answers of bride and groom :

1,my wedding reception needs a little tent?
The size of the tent,and will depend on various factors,such as the total number of guests,banquet style (dinner,cocktail party or buffet),as well as additional space requirements. General cocktail of 0.75 square meters per person,Cha-style reception to 0.75 square meters per person,dinner one square meters per person. If you are not sure you can consult with our staff,so it will be more accurate.

2,You provide rental prices list or wedding packages?
Each wedding ceremony and hospitality,something different,we are prepared to different wedding different proposals. We want you to contact us to discuss the needs of your event,we will be very happy Intended to assist.

3,your wedding tent venue?
Our wedding tents dismantled easily,quickly,using a variety of fixation,the ground is not strictly required,whether it is concrete or grass,mud or sandy beaches meet the build requirements.
4,your wedding tent where you can lease?
Our head office in Zhuhai,set in Guangzhou,Shanghai,Beijing offices,these places can easily lease to our wedding tent,while other places can also rent our tents.We will Tents nearest office to your side to help you build a decorative tent to ensure that you will have an unforgettable wedding!
 Learn More About Wedding Tent at http://en.liri-tents.com/

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